Anti-Aging Exercise, The Owl

Why? To firm up the forehead, reducing lines an wrinkles.

Repetitions: Repeat 3 times, for 2 minutes, 4 times a week.

1) Make large ā€œCā€™ shapes with your thumbs and index fingers and place them on your face around your eyes.

2) Open your eyes wide and look up. Start to pull down with the index fingers while simultaneously trying to raise your eyebrows.

3) Maintain this resistance for 2 seconds and repeat 3 times.

4) Hold for 10 seconds. Then relax. Be careful to keep your thumbs on your cheekbones and not your eyes.

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  1. Face yoga has been recognized as an ultimate antiaging workout for youthful and radiant facial skin. It is not exactly a trend as of now, but it can significantly tone, tighten and brighten your facial skin. While you might consider them as just funny faces, but these are quite effective.

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