These 5 tips helps you to reduce stress while on vacation

I didn’t wrote a blogpost for a long time, because I was on vacation. I decided to do nothing. No automatic posts. Nothing! This was the only way for me to reduce stress. And as we all know, stress is one of the factors that speeds up aging.

So I have made up 5 tips that reduced stress while I was on vacation:

  1. Stress comes not only from yourself but also from others. If you allow others to always dump their personal problems and concerns, their stress will be yours. Sometimes you need to be selfish. Enjoy your quality time and DON’T pick up the phone of that friend that always calls you with problems.
  2. Take a swim: Water is calm, soothing and extremely beneficial in battling with stress. The sensation of water on your skin can calm down and help reduce stress. So go swimming regularly.
  3. Switch off your mobile phone. Isn’t that obvious? 94% of all people on vacation, carry still their mobile phone on vacation. Your mobile phone gives you information constantly and gives you stress constantly without you knowing.
  4. Do some yoga on the beach, it did miracles for me!
  5. Keep exercising: Doing nothing is nice, but after a couple of days you will become extremely lazy and start thinking about a lot of things. Exercise helps you clearing up your mind.

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