Does a Sauna help you to stay young?

You probably think that a sauna is nothing more than a room lined with pine, especially heated, where one sits to sweat. Well, maybe it is, but it can help you to stay young!

So how does a sauna help me to stay young?

First of all, it helps you to fight stress. It’s relaxing and you can not take your iPhone inside to check your e-mail. Stress reduction helps to lower stress hormones (cortisol).
Second; In a sauna you will deep sweat. Deep sweating can also help improve skin cell turnover. It can remove bacteria from the skin, which helps with acne and improves skin health.
Lastly; Saunas reduce blood pressure. They increase oxygenation and circulation. Reducing blood pressure is great to stay young and healthy.

“Oh no!” Can you say? “I’ve tried steam baths, and it’s no fun sitting in the middle of a dense hot cloud, with the air so charged with moisture that you can not even breathe. That’s for those who have to lose weight quickly and have no other Remedy to
submit to such an ordeal “.

Differences between a Sauna and a Turkish bath

But there are differences between a Finnish bath (sauna) and a Turkish bath! In the sauna, there is no steam. Moisture is kept to an absolute minimum (5-10 percent), so you can sweat copiously. Because the air is very dry, one can raise the temperature to 80 ° C or more without feeling uncomfortable at all and without experiencing difficulty breathing. Even though the sweat makes one lose weight (some people lose more than a kilo during each bath), the sauna has not been conceived as a means to lose weight. It is to rest. . . To tone the muscles. . . To purify the body.

The Scandinavians have known this secret for many years, but still, show such fondness for the sauna that this is still a novelty for them. The bodies are flagellated with birch branches covered with leaves, and sometimes there are strong massages throughout the body. And the classic ending of any Scandinavian sauna bath consists of bouncing naked inside an icy pond or tossing over a heap of snow. It is possible that such “torture” elements explain why the rest of the world has been slow to share the same enthusiasm that the Nordics feel about the sauna bath. But now the sauna around the world are accessible. Currently, dry heat baths are being installed in summer resorts, gyms, beauty salons, military bases and private homes.

How long do I have to sit in a sauna?

We would recommend to use the sauna ones every 2 weeks for only 10 minutes max.


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