Make your DIY Botox Face Mask with cornstarch, carrot and yogurt!

Make your anti-wrinkle mask with cornstarch, carrot and yogurt, this is a way to get a Botox effect!

This mask with Botox effect is based on the use of cornstarch and is ideal for any skin. Especially for mature skin. But also if you are young. You can use it as it will help you to prevent the premature aging of the skin.

The results are nothing else than just sensational! A botox effect on your skin with natural products. Read on to find out what it is.

To prepare this mask, we will need:

One tablespoon of cornstarch, five tablespoons of carrot juice, one tablespoon of natural yogurt and 150 ml of water. And at last but not least one brush.

Preparation: Mask of cornstarch with effect botox homemade recipe consist in four easy steps:

Step # 1

Take the cornstarch and mix with ½ cup of water (50 ml) until it dissolves.

Step # 2

Then boil the rest of the water (100ml) and, once it reaches its boiling point, add the dissolved cornstarch.

Step # 3

Then remove from the heat and wait until it has cooled slightly

Step # 4

Add the carrot juice and yogurt. You can replace the yogurt with one tablespoon of cream. Mix well with a wooden spoon until both ingredients are unified inside the preparation.

Application consist in another four easier steps:

1. Wash your face with fresh oat water. Make sure you do not put any cream, oil or make-up on your face.

2. Start by applying on your face from the neck up. Always with ascending vertical movements. Then, when reaching the area of the cheekbones make vertical movements upward while you apply this mask.

3. Lastly and on the forehead, also use in the upward direction.

4. Let it dry on your skin and after 15 minutes remove with plenty of water. You can implement this mask up to 3 times a week.

Your skin will look plumper and healthier within a 2 weeks!


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