Love makes you stay young

Today – February 14 – is valentines Day and valentines day makes you young, well actually love makes you stay young.

Love makes you happier and therefore healthier. Love is proven to lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels. A 2007 study by the US department of Health, found out that happily married couples had lower blood pressure levels than unmarried people. Furthermore, unhappily married couples had higher blood pressure than both groups.

It’s also proven that being in love is proven to decrease a person’s likelihood of being depressed. Your mental health is also better when you getting and giving love.

Furthermore, a healthy sex life is essential to a healthy life. When you have quality sex you will feel good, this is because the body produces endorphins, which will “fight” against stress. Read more here in our 2014 article about sex. 

So next time if you think about sending that valentine card, think about your health ;-)

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