How to look 10 years Younger?

In the world of Anti-Aging, the number 1 question always is; How to look 10 years Younger? The Answer is simple; There is not one magical way, no, there are many answers to this question.

If you have been reading my blog the past 3 years you have learned a lot of tips and tricks. We get mails every week from (big) skincare companies and ask us about advertising, or doing a review for money. We have to review products and LIE to you that the product does magic. No skincare product in the world does magic. You want to look 10 years younger? Do Botox. But than again, you probably will get addicted and look like a barbie-doll. So that’s not good Anti-Aging Advice…

Willpower is the key to look younger.

If you are willing to put all the best of yourself to take ten years off and that will reflect on your skin, then the first thing to succeed is to be consistent and apply this treatment for the most amount of time (i.e., Little is transformed into a habit).

The 3 key factors I have discussed the past 3 years.

1. Feeding: Eliminates saturated fats (especially animal fats) by incorporating lean meats into your diet. But attention tries to delete or reduce the consumption of red meat.

Add more nonfat dairy, fruits like blueberries, papaya, pineapple, prunes, apples, and grapes; Vegetables, especially those with green leaves, which have lots of essential antioxidants to improve the appearance of your skin.

Also, in this treatment on how to rejuvenate ten years is critical to drink enough fluids, at least two liters per day, like green tea or a delicious blueberry tea, natural juices and of course at least three glasses of water.

2. Physical activity: Walking from forty minutes to an hour a day has excellent benefits for your health and for your goal of rejuvenating for a dozen years. By just walking you release toxins through sweat, but also relax and release the tensions accumulated throughout a day’s work, household responsibilities, and other issues that keep us stressed and tense, affecting our well-being and becoming visible in our appearance physical.

Walk every day or combine walks with a more intense physical exercise routine, in a gym or your home.

3. Home Remedies: How to rejuvenate ten years with natural creams? Prepare a puree by mixing some of the following options: grapes and blueberries; Apples and plums; Orange with honey. To apply these remedies on the skin of any part of your body, let it act for ten minutes to twenty minutes and then rinse with cold water (in abundance), then dry with a soft towel.

Water is “good for you,” also burns fat. Water eliminates appetite. Water renews your skin. Drink water instead of soda. But don’t overdue, remember this article?

When the kidneys are exhausted from receiving too little water, the liver has to take over. Now, listen to this: Your liver is your primary organ burning fat. Do you want it to process liquids and toxins instead of BURNING FAT? No way, right? Well, take a glass of water and look in the mirror. In a few weeks, the change in your face and body will be noticeable.

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  1. Love this advice, especially the home remedies – will have to give that a go! The apple and plums natural cream remedy sounds amazing.

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