Everything you need to know about your Kidneys!

The kidneys are pretty involved in the anti-aging process, delays aging. As an obvious but necessary observation, you might find out that patients who are on dialysis for chronic renal failure suffer accelerated aging with external signs that evidence this.

We recommend focusing on prevention since renal failure is associated with an increase in mortality that persists even after recovery from kidney function, pineapple is rich in vitamin C, potassium and bromelain, so it helps fight infections and reduces the risk of kidney stones.

The kidneys are one of the most important organs of our body since their functions are in charge of preventing many diseases and maintaining a proper functioning of our body at a general level. Among the most important duties of the kidney is the elimination of toxins contained in the blood and also the removal of wastes that our body does not need, through the urine.

Many factors can make our kidneys sick, and as a consequence, we will begin to have certain kidney ailments that can even become severe, which is why it is imperative to lead healthy habits of life to maintain good renal health and thereby ensure that their functions are Will carry out without any problem.

One of the factors that most influence renal health is diet. While there are foods that can affect the health of the kidneys, fortunately, there are also foods that help to strengthen them and keep them healthy. Here are the foods that you should include in your diet if you want to strengthen your kidneys.

Eat Beet for a healthy kidney

No, not because it rimes…. Beet is a food full of many diuretics and detoxifying properties that favor renal health. Being rich in potassium, this food is recommended to strengthen and clean the kidneys, liver and biliary vesicle.

To take advantage of its benefits, it is recommended to prepare a beet juice with carrot or can also be included in salads and different preparations.


Digitopuncture is a technique derived from acupuncture. It is based on the pressure or massage of certain points located in the body to treat diseases or common ailments. Safe, simple and easy to handle, it can be applied in any situation, because it does not need any instrument other than the fingers themselves. In this case, we will see a point to strengthen the energy of the kidneys and therefore to help us control the fear, which is the related emotion.

Tai Xi 

This point is called Tai Xi and is located in the inner part of the ankle joint, just in the depression between the internal malleolus and the Achilles tendon. The massage is done by putting a small amount of rosemary oil and sliding the thumb of the hand around the area. Soft rub but firm the stitch for about three minutes and then do the same on the other foot.

This massage strengthens the energy of your kidneys, since, according to traditional Chinese medicine, it nourishes the yin and tones the renal yang. This is useful for problems related to sexuality (exhaustion, frigidity, inability), menstruation (amenorrhea, irregular rules, excessive bleeding), weakness in the legs (strengthens knees and lumbar) and problems such as dizziness, dizziness or tinnitus.




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